We, webiE Tex. have been working in garments industry maintaining excellent reputation. Our quality of excellence and superior services made us one of the well-reputed companies of its kind in Bangladesh. We always love to  work  with  challenges giving  our best  effort.  We provide the following services to our clients:


Product Sourcing
Finding new products from the whole of the Market and making sure that the products we show our clients are not only suitable but are good examples of both quality and value also finding the product as per clients specifications.


Product Design, Development and Approval

We have big sample section where we develop samples. We have a team of designers who help our buyers in developing the product design as per the guidelines from the buyers. This is our duty to make the perfect sample ensuring buyers desired size, measurement quality etc.


Price, Quantity and Lead-time

We can offer very competitive pricing to the buyers. We do not produce any cheap product rather we produce quality product with competitive price. Quantity is always important for pricing. We always welcome small quantity in initial order but this is so true that good pricing mostly depends on quantity. But we always offer best possible pricing not compromising with quality. We do not take any unnecessary long lead- time until it is required. We maintain a policy for lead- time; we do not make any fake promise that is not achievable because we do believe that commitment is very important for long-term business.


Quality Assurance

Once production starts, we give full concentration on particular project just to ensure that everything is going as per schedule. During production time, we ensure that the factory is making buyer’s desired quality with our strong and strict daily quality inspection policy. If we find any kind of problem during production, we take necessary steps to solve the problem.


Production Updates

We update our clients weekly or fortnightly on the production or on the sampling. But again, it depends on buyer’s production policy (if any).



We conduct Inspections and various checks at different stages of production of Garments from raw Material to finished products. We do Inspection at different stages such as raw material, Initial production stage, inline inspections, midline inspection, labeling and packaging inspection. Third party inspection is also welcome, if buyer wants. But third party inspection is considered and subject to pre production business terms and conditions.


Up To Date Information

We always update our buyers’ about latest innovations happening in the garments sector in Bangladesh.


We keep the first-time customers and make them repeat customers by providing them a Quality product and service every time and time

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