About us

We believe in excellence that exactly what “webiE” stands for. webiE Tex. is a leading Bangladeshi apparel manufacturer, exporter and supplier. We have started our journey in late 2009 though we have been working since 2006. Our passion, commitment and dedication to work have inspired us to launch this venture.  The broad range of our product line, impeccable quality, strong sourcing network and competitive prices have made us one  of the  fastest growing companies of its kind in Bangladesh with the  symbol  of class.

We have strong network and association with country’s largest compliance factories. So, we do not need to worry about selecting factory or executing orders in time maintaining standards of production, knitting, dying, sewing etc. We have strong commitment to quality and our major target is to satisfy our clients with quality and on time delivery. We can offer enhanced service for pricing, quality good’s as per your requirements and on time shipment. Generally, we manufacture and supply all kinds of Knit Garments, Woven garments, outerwear etc. We manufacture products based on customers’ design and demand ensuring top quality with competitive price.

Our core values are Trust, Commitment and Professionalism. These core values shall permeate all of the company’s activities, whether it be in our role in various managerial or staff capacities or in our relations with the world around us – clients, our associates and other business partners.

Core Values


Trust is closely related to the concepts of reliability, credibility and confidence. These core values have been in webiE Tex. We always believe that truth builds confidence, which ultimately leads to success. On the other hand, untruth creates distrust, decline, and ruin.



Training, experience and knowledge combined with an ongoing learning process  are  the  basis  of professionalism. webiE Tex., we must know our craft! And if we don’t know, we must be willing to say we don’t know and be open to learning.



Our vision and business concept stands or falls depending on the commitment and obligation the company imbues among employees regarding the goals and values that we must all agree on. The crucial point is that this commitment permeates the entire Group and is therewith communicated to the market.

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